Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Yes! It's finally spring where I am! No more of this (taken on a day when the power went out):

And no more having to run in this stylish ensemble (also the beard is gone).

The peacocks have come out in full dress.

Here is one silently (strictly in the aural sense) stalking a potential mate.

The peacocks and peahens like to roost up high. Many of them take advantage of the trees. This isn't all of them, but it's quite a few. I'm pretty sure there are peahens in there as well, but they're not as easy to see.

Actually, at the moment, the peacocks drastically outnumber the peahens, and we only have a handful of peahens.

Before too long, if these numbers don't change, we may be looking at the last of the peacocks.

The last of the peacocks in our yard, at any rate.

Finally, this is Noname (Noh-nah-mee).

He plays fetch.