Sunday, October 12, 2008

More Snow

Well, it continued to snow slowly but steadily throughout the night. So we got treated to more snow, and I just feel compelled to share.

My poor car. It has had to put up with a lot of crap lately.

More peacock action.

A lone peahen contemplating her choices in life... Or maybe I'm projecting.

This is just a glob of snow, but it built up in a way that is openly defiant of gravity. The glob is built up on a fence post, but the fence post is under it on the right. There is nothing holding it up on the left except its own internal structure. I'm sure somebody out there understands how snow/ice structures like this can build up, but to me it is just mysterious. And being ice and snow, also crappy. It is mysterious and crappy.

This one is just further proof that there was quite a bit of snow. Nothing like they get in Buffalo, NY (thank goodness), but quite enough for me.

This is an expanded view of where the peacock parade was yesterday. You'll notice that that the tree in the background appears to be leaning against a power line. In fact, what you can't see is that there is a peacock sitting on the power line right up there just behind the top of the tree. The tree is actually not leaning against the power line. Regardless, we later attempted to shake off the tree and shoo away the peacock. In the process, I was covered in snow. Good times... Good times...

Fortunately the storm seems to be over, and the snow on the ground is already melting. Although it might take a while for it to go away completely. Thankfully we never lost power and were able to stay safe and warm.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Moving Around

As many of you know, I am currently footloose upon the world. Sort of. I've moved from one Mountain time zone state to spend some time in another Mountain time zone state. Eventually I will likely leave the Mountain time zone all together.

But that is not today, my friends. Today my current Mountain time zone state has given me, and the rest of the people in this state, an early winter warning of sorts. It has dumped snow. Those of you who know me know that I consider any amount of snow unacceptable. I just don't care for it. The only white christmas I like is the movie. The only white powder I enjoy is the powdered sugar I use in orange cookie frosting. The only skiing I like to do is none. I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

I won't attempt to judge the harshness of this situation because I am clearly not objective. I'll just give you pictures, and you can decide whether you wish to shiver in empathy or fume in minor jealousy.

As you can see, even the trees were caught off guard. They still have most of their leaves and had only just begun to turn colors for fall.

The peacocks were trying to make the most of it. Most of them were up and out of the way of the snow, and when they had to walk, they stuck to the snow free areas.

If you aren't being hit with the same sort of snowy weather as I am, I urge you to enjoy the crap out of it. And when you do, think of me for just a moment.

This is unrelated to the snow but related to the move. I thought you might find it funny that just prior to moving from my previous state of residence my workstation/entertainment center was reduced to this:

Truthfully, it probably could be reduced even more. Certainly it could be made to look cleaner. One of these days I might strive to go back to something like that for my full time setup. Its efficiency and simplicity are appealing.