Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blobs Become Doodles II

I've been traveling around this past month visiting various members of my family. Any of you that know me realize that traveling to somewhere besides Montana has been a rare thing for me. I actually managed to visit my sister and her family in Chicago. I even took a plane to get there! I know! I'm surprised too.

Now I have no fear of flying, but I am wary of the airline industry and its too often exposed callous disregard for passengers, and its frequent overbooking and mishandling of flight schedules. I realize most of the time things work, but that doesn't change the fact that I don't enjoy submitting myself to the airlines. It's like getting digested by some monstrous process in the hopes that my belongings and I will eventually be crapped out at my destination. But I'll put aside my neurotic dislike of airlines for the sake of this blog and just say that I don't enjoy flying the friendly skies.

Anyway, I survived the flights, and enjoyed the trips. But the traveling is part of the reason why there has been so few posts here in the past month. But I'd like to point you to the doodles that other people made in response to that blob doodle exercise. There's some fun, creative stuff there.

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Unknown said...

DUDE!!! you're famous!!!! You're on another persons blog! How cool!!! I'm just gonna keep writing cool!!! so I can use these cool!!! exclamation points!!! lol!!!!

Okay!!! I go now. I think that was a result of too much highlighting today!!!!! Was setting up stuff for Cub Scouts!!! Yeah, my life is so!!! much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! *weee* You all don't be jealous!!! Green rarely looks good on people...:P Not sure what that means, but *whatever*. I wrote it, therefore, I'm committed to it...for better or for worse...:P