Sunday, January 18, 2009

Coparck is a Band

I came across this video from Irene Gallo's blog. At first I didn't realize it is a music video (I missed that part of her original post), and I thought it was just a short until the band made a cameo appearance and just happened to be singing the song that I initially took as a soundtrack. Truthfully, it works either way. I think that is a rather refreshing change of pace from most music videos.

I'm not going to comment too much on any potential meaning behind the video and the song. I think we've all faced enough workplace (and even schoolyard) scenarios to understand the ways we restrain ourselves for the sake of a job. I found the irony of the ending to be delicious.

The band is Coparck and their website is here should you like to check out more of their stuff. I found the music video to Thoughts You Thought You Could Do Without (warning: brief nudity) to be as entertaining as the one above. In that one, the band makes as little appearance as in the video above. I wonder if there is a pattern here?

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