Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I think you guys may have already seen this guy, but I just picked up a better camera today. So, I'm takin' pictures! Part of the reason I started this blog was to satisfy the ever increasing demand for pictures on the internet. I feel I need to do my part. I don't want the internet to run out of pictures.

To start, I've taken one of my sculptures and posed it on one of my finest black t-shirts.

You probably noticed that I still need to polish him. I will. You know, later, man.

As the title of this blog states, his name is "Boardacious". That clever name was my sister Dina's idea. I'm not nearly so clever nor concise. The best I came up with is "Totem" which is more a dictionary definition than a title. And while it is concise, it is hardly clever. So, thanks, Dina!

Here we see a close up of his mug.

So, I realize the sculpture leaves something to be desired. But the truth is that he came out much like I wanted him to. I wanted a totem like feel. Not something that looked like an actual boar, but something of an idealized version of the boar. He's meant to be a symbol. I mean, would you look at the size of those tusks! I wanted something with a sense of power and direction. I think I achieved some of that, but I still feel it could have more umph.

Since he actually came out much like I planned, all his failings can be attributed to where I set my sights when I started out. I think there is a life lesson in there for all of us. [Cue cheezy music]

Also, as this was my first stone sculpture, I learned something else. I actually attempted to design something easy (something I was sure I could complete). While he was easy to draw, I discovered that large spherical and conical shapes are actually tough to form. Their symmetry makes all flaws obvious! So, that head of his has a lot more time and effort into it than you may think. Additionally, the whole design was symmetrical. That symmetry made things tough. You can end up disappointed because the stone may not entirely cooperate (it didn't in this case).

Of course, maybe I just need to get smarter about how to pick my stone.

Specs: Colorado Alabaster carved with hand tools.


Anonymous said...


He looks good Chaz....:)

Charles said...

Thanks! I hope there will be more to come.