Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Books in your email or feed reader

I think I saw a reference to this the other day but ignored it at first. I saw another reference today and decided to take a closer look. There's a service that will send you small sections of books in your email or through a syndication feed (you can set the frequency). It's called DailyLit. It seems like a neat little service and a way to stay disciplined about reading a book if you already spend a lot of time sitting at a computer. Of course, maybe this isn't a good thing if you're trying to spend less time at the computer.

I already read way too much, but I've signed up to receive War of the Worlds through a syndication feed. They not only have books whose copyrights have expired, but they are also adding books that are offered through Creative Commons licenses. The syndication feed only had one small "sponsored" link at the bottom to buy the book at Amazon. If you're worried about giving away your email address, I'd recommend using the syndication feed.


redfoxems said...

ok charlie bob couldn't be more happy about not having another book laying around so i went and subscribed. if you get a chance can you tell me who wrote contact for the pure fact i can't find it. thanks charlie

Charles said...

If we're thinking about the same book, Contact was written by Carl Sagan. It might be available new in book stores. But barring that, Page One Too is a good "local" resource for you. Also Alibris is a good source that I've used with quite a bit of success.