Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Softer World

I'll try to refrain from turning this blog into some sort of link dump. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of cool, link-worthy things out there. But I'm trying to be somewhat selective with what I link. I want to only pick things that I think may actually be worth your time to look at should you be so inclined. (I'm just creating artificial scarcity so that you find my links more valuable than they rally are. Wait. Did I just blog that out loud? Crud.)

Anyway, I had linked to this particular site earlier (over on the right), but took it down shortly after. However, I think this particular panel is definitely worth a small amount of your time. Don't forget to hover your mouse over the image for even more fun! It's a good way to start your week.

I like A Softer World's dark humor, but it may not be to everyone's taste. You should feel free to try some of their other stuff, but be prepared. It ain't all puppies and kittens. Sometimes it's zombies!


Unknown said...

This has absolutely nothing to do with this particular article. I just didn't know where to mention that I totally love the eyebrow arch on your self portrait...:P

Charles said...

Thanks! I exaggerated a little, but I was trying to make the expression read even when it was small. Anyway, I have a post coming up that briefly mentions how I made that thing. I'll try to get to it tonight.