Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Fellow Earthicans

UPDATE: It appears we have a winner: #2! As Nate said, "Yay for #2!" Interestingly (for me), when I first posted these candidates, I was initially thinking that #1 was the best (which didn't even get a single vote). Then after seeing all three of them together on the blog I started to think #3 was better, but primarly for the reason everyone mentioned: it's pretty. However, it is now clear that #2 is superior since it meets both criteria mentioned as well as being a subtle dig on that other loathed bumper sticker. I am convinced. Come to think of it, I like that the map in #2 doesn't quite stand out like the other two. It will require more attention from the viewer which will hopefully lead to the AH HA moment I'm looking for.

Thanks to everyone who voted. I'm off to get some stickers made.

Original Post

After moving to Colorado, one of the first things I noticed were the occasional "NATIVE" bumper stickers like the one displayed here. Not being "NATIVE" to anyplace other than the U.S., I tend to take these particular bumper sticker statements a little more seriously than I know I should. It just bugs me that somebody who happened to be born in this state or can perhaps trace their family back a couple of generations thinks they are somehow better than the rest of us filthy new comers coming here improving the economy like a bunch of lousy so-and-sos.

I know these bumper stickers aren't all the frequent these days, and I'm sure the people who bother to put these bumper stickers on their cars actually mean it in a joking way or more in the silly, possessive way people will make sure you know they were into something before you were. However, as anonymous statements on the rear end of cars, they don't quite come off that way. Especially if you happen to be the non-native.

Anyway, I have an inclination to want to stamp out all the useless, needlessly divisive tribal allegiances I come across. I prefer to be as inclusive as I can. I claim all of humanity as my tribe. We're all natives of earth. I'm sure my attitude is just a defensive mechanism to avoid being rejected (or whatever dismissive rationale you wish to apply). Of course, it doesn't work very well for that end since as far as I can tell most people don't feel the way I do.

Regardless, I too wish to wear my heart on my bumper just like the Colorado nativist movement, but I can't seem to find an appropriately designed bumper sticker. So, I came up with my own. I'm attempting to match the feel of the other bumper sticker as much as possible to make it clear that I'm poking fun at stupid bumper stickers, but at the same time I want to make clear my own position.

So, I need your help, friends and family. Help me choose which bumper sticker I will place on my vehicle. You can vote in the comments or email me. I know these designs leave a little to be desired, and if I was willing to spend more time than what I already have, I would probably try to fix them, but these are the finalists.

Number 1:

Number 2:

Number 3:

I already have my own opinion, but I don't want to bias your own. I'm not necessarily looking for the prettiest image. I'm looking for the image that reads most readily. So, it needs to do two things. 1) Scream WORLD MAP! and 2) NATIVE needs to be legible from a large distance. I think if the sticker can do those two things, then it will probably get my view across while simultaneously giving the hand gesture of their choice to all those native Colorado bumper sticker people out there.

So, what say you, people of earth? Which of these stickers works to those ends?


Unknown said...

I like the second one because the colors are the same as the colorado bumper stick and so it is more clear what you are poking fun at. However, the third one is a more clear world map. I'm too wishy washy to vote for one over the other, sorry.

Unknown said...

Wait, I've made a decision! I like number 2! Yay for number 2!!!

By the way, this is a good idea, I like it. You can probably sell these online. You'll be a millionaire, like that bumper sticker guy in Forest Gump.

Anonymous said...

i like number 2 and i would buy some.

Charles said...

Sell these? Hmmm... (twiddling my imaginary mustache). I hadn't considered that. But being a millionaire is all I've ever wanted to be! So, how can I not sell them?!

Jason said...

#3 is clearly more beautiful, but #2 might be better to prove your point. I think you should intentionally park your car by people with the Colorado native stickers. That would be cool.

Unknown said...

I like this idea. I'd buy one from you, but being family I think that wouldn't be necessary. As I think I am entiled to a free one...lmao. j/k.

My vote is #3. It reads the clearest to me.

Denise Tunny said...

Well #3 gets my vote..but I think from a girl's perspective it is prettier..I know just what you wanted to

That and it stand out more to me..esp the map..:)

Charles said...

Crud! We currently have a tie in the voting (Suzi emailed her vote for #3 and I'm counting Jason's as a vote for #2). I haven't heard from everybody, but I may need to cast the deciding vote here soon.

Anonymous said...

okay i cast a vote from your dad and i say he votes for #2.

Anonymous said...

oh before i forget

oso #2
lucky #2
springs #2
lb #2
lbj #2
dog #2

18 peacocks 18 #2

27 barn cats 27 #2

#2 by a landslide

Charles said...

Looks like somebody has mastered the second part of the old phrase, "Vote early! Vote often!" ;)

redfoxems said...

number#2 and park next to the native colorado stickers too

Kyle said...

My, that's odd. I was thinking #1 ("Go Number One...snicker, snicker*) because it contrasts better against the black background, but I'm persuaded by the early voters (e.g., New Hampshire and Iowa). So, I say "Go number two!" ... I mean I vote for the second sticker.

*How did we come up with the idea of distinguishing types of excrement with numbers anyway? Maybe due to the number of flushes required? Hmmm...

Charles said...

Kyle, it's just those sorts of deep probing questions that bring us closer to understanding human nature even when we can't find definitive answers. Just striving for an answer can bring new insight. Thanks, man.