Saturday, April 12, 2008

Screw the Doodles

Screw the doodles. I have something more interesting to share. I'd heard about the following item a while ago, but I only recently heard about this nice compact demo of it. A fellow by the name of Johnny Lee found some novel and innovative uses for the controllers that come with Nintendo's Wii game system. He basically turned the control system on its head to provide for some novel input devices. You can see or download the demo here.

I certainly admire Mr. Lee for his clever use of existing technology. However, what really interested me about this is that I had been reading The Brain That Changes Itself, and I began to wonder about the possibly using Mr. Lee's ideas in inexpensive rehabilitation devices. I think that would be tremendously cool.

And just for the heck of it, I found this really nice performance by Rokia Traore. It's the first I'd heard of her, and I have no idea what she is singing, but it is a lovely, soulful sound.

By the way, TED has a lot of cool and interesting videos of presentations given by all sorts of passionate and intelligent people. It's enough to give a guy hope. You can find more about TED here.

I think this presentation given by Sir Ken Robinson was the first TED talk I had ever seen, and it is a favorite of mine. This presentation by Jill Bolte Taylor is a recent video which may be of some special interest to people in my family.

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