Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I use too many words sometimes. I know this. You know this (just see my last post for an example). In fact, I'm doing it right now.

I'll try to keep this post brief. While looking for that old character design doodle in my previous post, I came across a bunch of other doodles that I had put aside. I guess I thought I'd have a use for them later? Like putting on a traveling show of little office pad doodles that are taped into a notebook. Instead of viewing art on a wall, you just get to sit down in a bean bag chair with the notebook and a pretentious audio tour headset and... quickly fall asleep.

I'm just kidding. Nobody knows why I saved them. Nobody. I've asked around.

Anyway, I decided to get some practice with my graphics tablet and cleanup (sort of) one of the doodles I made of a seemingly irritated, anthropomorphic gator. I show you both before and after. Before looks like ball point on some old engineering graph paper. After was done with ArtRage 2.5 using the pencil tool on "cel" paper.

Rough sketches and doodles have a certain energy that always seems to disappear when the ideas are finished. Even in the case of my still rough looking "clean up", the doodle still has a little more something.

In this case, part of it has to do with some choices I made about the gator's right hand that changes the mood a little (also the background is completely white), but maybe doodles and rough sketches leave more for the brain to fill in, making them more interesting than finished pieces? That implies that as the artist's "vision" becomes clearer, the interest of his audience could decline (that'll be my excuse anyway). That's a sobering thought.

Oh right. Fewer words. I'll get right on that.

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